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Product Description

PROPFX is a two component hybrid polysiloxane, inorganic coating that has 100% solids, zero
solvents and zero VOC’s. It does not emit fumes or odors and dries to a crystal clear finish. PROPFX utilizes a revolutionary and patent pending, non-polluting, technology, NFST (Fluid Surface Technology),
that provides a highly slippery lubricant layer as the crucial foul release mechanisim to
prevent barnacles, mussels, etc. from attaching to the vessels running gear and reducing performance.


  • Polymer – Propreitary hybrid polysiloxane.
  • Color – Crystal clear with a glossy finish
  • Application – Single coat application with a recommended
    coating thickness of approximately 4 mil (1.0
    mm) Can be applied with brush or spraying.
  • Coverage – Approximately 400 sq. ft./ 37 sq. mt. / gallon.
  • Curing – Two part coating requiring 3:1 ratio of Part A & Part B. Pot life approximately 3 hours.
  • Cure Time – Recommended minimum cure time 8 hours;
    Will attain optimal properties over 72 hours.
  • Thinning – Not recommended. Consult Liquiguard Tech.
  • Cleaning – Paint cleaners, denatured alchohol, etc.


PROPFX can be applied to all types of surfaces including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, metal
alloys, plastics, fiberglass and other materials used in the power train and running gear mechanisms.
Unlike most coatings PROPFX forms a durable chemical bond with the surface that will withstand
severe mechanical stresses without separating or damaging the coating. Prior to application make
sure to clean the target surface of all foreign material, rust and other contaminants. Standard procedures
such as stripping, sanding, etc., with thorough post preparation cleaning with a non-residue
solvent such as isopropyl alcohol, is recommended. In case a primer is desired to ensure adhesion,
to unfamiliar material or surfaces, Liquiguard ‘UniBond 110’ primer is highly recommended.


There are no limitations associated with the use of PROPFX. Its Fluid Surface Technology can be
used wherever there is a need to protect against under water fouling. Since it is a crystal clear coating
it can be used to protect submerged lighting without reducing the performance. Once fully cured
PROPFX is totally inert and presents no hazards to human or marine life. It is not a pollutant and
does not leach out harmful chemicals. All standard safety procedures associated with commercial
and industrial grade paints should be observed. Tools should be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the
process and rags and other disposable items should be discarded in a safe manner, and in keeping
with local regulations.