PROPFX is a two component coating that is supplied in separate containers. Part A which is the resin component, appears as a clear and viscous liquid. Part B, which is the curing agent, also commonly referred to as the ‘hardener’ is a straw colored liquid with a water like consistency and a slight amine odor.

Part A & B components of PROPFX may be mixed by adding all of the Part B to Part A, or by mixing a portion of the material by combining three (3) parts of Part A to one (1) part of Part B. Any convenient method of measuring may be used provided the same size measuring cup/vessel is used to measure both components. Under no circumstance should Part B measure less than recommended amount, else the chemical reaction with all of Part A will not be achieved. Furthermore incorrect proportions will prevent PROPFX from developing its optimal properties. While there are no fumes or odors associated with PROPFX it is very important to maintain good ventilation in the work area. Smoking or exposure to any source of flame should be strictly prohibited.

When Part B is first added to Part A it will appear as straw colored swirls in the clear and viscous Part A. A few minutes of vigorous mixing with a flat object, such as a paint stick, is sufficient to achieve a homogenous mixture. The combined mix will have a useable life (referred to as ‘potlife’) of about 3 hours after which it will start thickening, become difficult to apply and will not provide an even and uniform coating layer. Potlife dictates the amount of material that should be mixed for proper and safe application.

Prior to application make sure that the target area of the running gear has been sanded clean of all marine contaminants. Mechanical sanding with #40 or #50 grit sandpaper is recomended. Once the target surfaces are cleared of barnacles and other fouling agents, a thorough cleaning using Liquiguard EZKleanz, a water based powerful degreaser and soil remover, is highly recommended. Rinse the cleaned surface with fresh clean water and allow it to thoroughly dry before application of PROPFX.

PROPFX can be applied by brushing or spraying. While the coating will be effective and perform at a minimum coating thickness of 4 mil (100 microns/1 mm), a maximum of no more than 8 mil is recommended. The latter thickness can be achieved with a two coat process by allowing the first coat to gel and stabilize. This should occur in about 90 to 120 minutes depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Once the coating is fully dry it will not accept additional coatings. This will become evident by virtue of poor or no adhesion of the second coat. Prevent exposure to water (rain, sprinklers, dew, condensed steam, etc.) for at least 8 hours.

Tools such as rollers, brushes, paint trays, etc. should be disposed off after use as cleaning them is not feasible or practical. If there are mixing or other tools that do need to be reclaimed, first wipe them down thoroughly with disposable rags or paper. They should then be cleaned with an off-the-shelf solvent used for cleaning solvent-based paints and finally washed with warm soap and water. All normal precautions recommended when using commercial paint products should be followed. Use of gloves and other protective gear ( such as safety glasses) is advised to prevent accidents and to ensure ease of cleanup.