FEATURES: EZKleanz is powerful and industrial strength combination of complex and environmentally safe cleaning agents. EZKleanz is a high pH (11 to 12), transparent blue and odorless liquid formulated to provide total cleaning performance. It can remove grease, lubricants, fuel oils, tar, road salt, carbon deposits, soot, food stains, ink stains, wax, animal fat, grass stains, and other soils. Regardless of the age and condition of oil and grease soil, EZKleanz will alter its chemical composition, and remove it by destroying the polymer molecular chain. This unique and easy to use cleaning agent helps kill mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria even inside surface pores, prevents their regrowth, and helps eliminate foul odors. It is also an excellent cleaner for asphalt and concrete driveways and building exteriors.

EZKleanz is water soluble non-toxic, no-flammable and does not contain any pertroleum based ingredients. It is fully biodegradeable and does not present a hazard to plants and other vegetation. Due to its high alkalinity care should be excercised when using on sensitive surfaces such as aluminum and glass. Prolonged exposure to the concentrated solution may cause etching of the surface of these materials. EZKleanz is a superior pre-wash agent and is safe for use on all colorfast fabrics, including silks. It can also be used to remove stains from carpets, mats and upholstery.

DILUTION RATIOS: EZKleanz is supplied as a concentrate and can be diluted upto 30 times (30 parts water and 1 part EZKleanz) depending on the material to be cleaned and the nature of the soil. Below are some guidelines:

1. Heavy cleaning, degreasing, pressure washing, diptanks, etc. – 1:1 up to 4:1

2. Medium cleaning, degreasing, use with sprayers, scrubbers, etc. – 15:1 up to 30:1

3. Light cleaning such as work areas, windows, counter tops, etc. – 30:1 or greater

Any number of dilution variations are possible depending on the project. A minimum dilution of 15:1 is recommended for sensitive materials. Always make sure to test a discreet area with the solution. You may also request our detailed dilution guideline chart. Concentrated mixes offer optimum performance, especially the mix is created with warm water and manual or mechanical srubbing action is employed.

APPLICATION: EZKleanz can be applied by spray application using a trigger spray bottle or a basic weed sprayer. It can also by applied by dipping, brushing, mopping or simply wiping on to the soil. Depending on the soil, reaction time can be immediate or take several minutes. Old and built-up grease may require extended dwell time and more than one application before breaking down. Solutions of 20:1 or less will attack and remove paint.

Once the reaction is complete rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water. A minimum dilution of 1 part EZKleanz to 15 parts of water is recommended when cleaning sensitive materials. Do not allow the cleaner to stay on the surface for prolonged periods and rinse off quickly and thoroughly.

CLEANUP & CAUTIONS: During prolonged exposure use of rubber gloves is highly recommended to prevent skin irritation. If working with bare hands, rinse thoroughly with soap and water after use. If accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomiting and drink plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes, flush repeatedly with clean water for at least 15 minutes. Clothing exposed to EZKleanz should be washed before re-use. Always follow Standard Safety Practices