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Product Data Sheet

All solid surfaces, regardles of how smooth they appear to the eye or to the touch, are inherently rouch on a microscopic level, creating many anchor points that can pin fluids or other contaminants on the surface of the solid object.

PROPFX is a timely and revolutionary foul release coating utilizing the combination of a proprietary hybrid polysiloxane polymer and an innovative Nano Fluid Surface Tech- nology (NFST). NFST surfaces feature a stable, immobilized and highly slippery lubri- cant layer over the microscopic irregular texture of the solid surface. Thus the NFST transforms the solid surface, over which it is applied, to a smooth, slippery liquid inter- face.

The NFST is fully encapsulated in the hybrid polysilixane PROPFX coating that helps bond it firmly to the coated surface. PROPFX is a crystal clear, abrasion resistant and highly durable coating that is impervious to fluids due to its extremely tight molecular matrix. This aspect permits PROPFX to tolerate fully submerged conditions continu- ously and creates a high strength, resilient bond with practically all material surfaces.

NFST system applied to a test panel was immersed in sea water for a year in Vietnam by a Netherland based company. At the end of this period the panel was almost com- pletely free of fouling organisms. Surprisingly, a comparison panel with a PTFE coating , which also has very low surface energy, was completely fouled. This indicates that a coating with low surface energy is not sufficient for performance as an effective foul release surface.

PROPFX can be used on all critical surfaces such as propellers, running gear, rudder assemblies, stern drives, bow thrusters, underwater lights and similar objects and surfaces. PROPFX and the incorporated NFST technology will keep these critical surfaces free of barnacles and other marine organisms. Unlike other surface protection coatings that are easily damaged or abraded when they come in contact with hard objects, the tough composition of PROPFX will easily tolerate these encounters while maintaining the integrity of its NFST benefits.

PROPFX is a 100% solids, two part coating comprising of Part A & Part B that are mixed in a 3:1 ratio measured volumetrically. PROPFX has no VOC’s and is free of fumes and odors. The components are easily combined with simple mixing and the mix has approximately a three hour pot life. PROPFX can be applied by brushing or spraying and a single coat with approximately 4 mil (100 microns – 1 mm approx.) is sufficient to provide a year, or longer, of effective service. Un-mixed material will easily remain stable for at least a year when kept in tightly sealed containers and in relatively cool temperatures.