BIOKLEANZ is a biodegradable, high performance solvent blend that enables formulators to replace hazardous solvents such as acetone, alcohols, paint thinners, ketones like MEK, NMP, toluene, xylene in adhesives, coatings, composites, berglass, pultrusion, polysulde epoxy and styrenic formulations. without loss of properties. BIOKLEANZ is non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternative to industry standard solvents for use as a general purpose solvent in formulating and for cleaners and cleaning.

BIOKLEANZ is a clear, colorless liquid with a neutral pH and fully soluble in water. Although objects stripped and cleaned with BIOKLEANZ may be rinsed with water, BIOKLEANZ should not be mixed or diluted with water as BIOKLEANZ forms lactic acid via hydrolysis with water or alkaline environments.

BIOKLEANZ contains 50% biorenewable carbon and is readily biodegradeable. It is non-carcinogenic and does not contain hazardous air pollutants. BIOKLEANZ may be disposed in the public sewer system without the fear of creating hazardous conditions. Used BIOKLEANZ retains its original strength and may be re-used for additional cleaning after being thoroughly ltered to remove suspended debris and contaminants leftover from prior use.

BIOKLEANZ is an extremely eective solvent and can be used to clean dicult to remove paints, coatings and other compostions on common surfaces and equipment. BIOKLEANZ can be counted on to perform challenging tasks where o the shelf hazardous solvents such as acetone, lacquer thinner and xylene have failed. BIOKLEANZ is a versatile bio-solvent that is safe to use in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

BIOKLEANZ effectiveness stems from its dual action cleaning process. Primarily the complex solvent system helps to soften and dissolve the paint or coating at the surface. In addition, unlike common solvents, it penetrates through the surface of the coating and helps de-bond the coating from the substrate.

When using BIOKLEANZ as a stripper, apply the solvent to the paint or coating that is being removed, making sure that the surface is fully coated with a light lm of the solvent. Allow 3 to 5 minutes of dwell time and scrub the coating with a coarse rag or bristle brush. Depending on the thickness of the coating and ambient temperature it may take more than one application of BIOKLEANZ to completely remove the coating. Make sure to change the rag, or clean the bristle brush, frequently to prevent spreading the detached and dissolved coating. As a nal step rinse the cleaned surface with fresh water.

Do not mix with water. Product forms lactic acid via hydrolysis in water or alkaline environments.

BIOKLEANZ is available in 55 gallon (440 lb.) drums, 275 gallon (2,200 lb.) IBC containers and bulk 45,000 tanker loads. This product is also available in a sem-gel form for application on vertical surfaces, in drum size.