Go Prop FX

PROPFX is an exciting and timely foul release coating that will bring about a momentous change for the marine industry and its challenges for protecting the vessels exposure below the water line.

PROPFX is the culmination of years of research and the combination of a proprietary hybrid polysiloxane resin and patent pending Nano Fluid Surface Technology (NFST). PROPFX will revolutionize marine foul protection modalities and bring about a pradigm shift due to its broad scope of application and cost efficiencies.

Superior Features:

  • Crystal clear, 100% solids, two component coating.
  • Zero VOC’s, no solvents, no fumes and no odors.
  • Can be applied by all common painting processes and tools.
  • Required coating thickness 4 mil to max. 8 mil (100/200 microns).
  • Produces a durable bond with all materials used in the industry.
  • No primers or etching com pounds required for bonding.
  • Requires basic preparation prior to application.
  • Encapsulated foul release agent cannot be rubbed or abraded off.
  • Can be applied to entire hull below the waterline for foul re lease, higher performance and fuel efficiency.

General Information:

The hybrid polysiloxane with epoxy reacted in its backbone creates a crystal clear proprietary polymer that has outstanding adhesion to all materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, fiberglass, wood, plastics, etc. It has more than sufficient flexibility for its intended purpose, toughness and high abrasion resistance. The resin cures using a dual mechanism, providing sufficient pot life and work time while ensuring a fully reacted and catalized final coating with optimal properties. The molecular matrix is tight enough to prevent vapor penetration and thus a coating based on this resin can perform at a high level in fully submerged conditions. The high solids and zero VOC of the PROPFX system brings it in compliance with todays stringent health and safety requirements without compromising performance.

How Does NFST Work:

NFST, a unique propreitary technology developed by Liquiguard’s sister company, Biro Technologies, transforms the surface of a solid material into a thin, immobilized lubricant layer. NFST is delivered in an encapsulated form via Biro’s hybrid epoxy-polysiloxane, an impervious, tough an durable clear coat discussed earlier.

The release/lubricant oil is configured to have limited compatibility with the coating, forcing it to migrate to the coating’s surface. The oil proceeds to completely cover the solid, nano porous surface of the coating and creates a smooth and slippery liquid interface. Whenever this interface is removed or displaced, it is replenished by a fresh layer of lubricant, immediately, automatically and repetitiously.

PROPFX can be used on all critical surfaces such as propellers, running gear, rudder assemblies, stern drives, bow thrusters, underwater lights and similar objects and surfaces. Unlike other surface protection coatings that are easily damaged or abraded when they come in contact with hard objects, the tough composition of PROPFX will easily tolerate these encounters while maintaining the integrity of its NFST benefits